Provision scheme for individuals

As a service and insurance brokerage company, the pension advice that we offer allows you to have a complete view of your current situation; on this basis, we are able to determine whether the existing covers are appropriate to your needs. We evaluate not only the level of your benefits but also their costs.

Our analysis includes measuring the effects on your family’s financial balance during an unexpected event, such as a disability or death due to illness or accident. In the event of proven deficiencies, our advisers, all experts in their fields, provide you with solutions adapted to your situation. In addition, the synergy with Argos Patrimoine allows us to offer you an optimal service in terms of “patrimonial and financial planning”, which assists you in decisions and investment choices during your retirement and early retirement.

Anticipating the hazards of life with Argos,
it is choosing a broker who defends your interests.
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Our services and our commitment

Advice and assistance

  • Analysis of insurance portfolios.
  • Cost and benefit analysis.
  • Highlighting improvements and potential savings.
  • Drafting of tenders.
  • Negotiation with insurance companies/partners.
  • Setting up/adapting policies.
  • Presentation of new products on the market.
  • Legal and administrative watch.
  • Periodic summary of cover.
  • Financial planning for active and retired clients.
  • Life insurance.
  • Taxation of the provision scheme.
We offer you a comprehensive service to meet your needs while keeping in line with the market: therefore, our approach includes the analysis of your insurance portfolio, the negotiation of costs, the general administration, and a competitive watch.

Claim management

  • Declarations, control and transfer of supporting documents.
  • Monitoring of compensation.
  • Follow-up of files/reminders.
  • Support and accompaniment for complex claims.
Claim management can be a heavy administrative task; that is why our teams are there by your side on a daily basis to relieve you of this management and to assist you. We make every effort to answer your questions and defend your interests and your rights.

Areas of intervention

  • Loss of earnings in the event of illness.
  • Occupational pension provision (LPP).
  • Reinsurance of risks (congruent, stop loss, etc.).
  • Cover for expatriates (care, risks and retirement).
  • Compulsory accident insurance (LAA) and complementary/surplus insurance.
With 20 years of experience, we are able to provide you with our advice and assistance for all your insurance and pension benefits in Switzerland and abroad.


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