The Argos Pension department is specifically dedicated to the pension fund environment in the context of outsourcing of services, pension advice and mandates of approved experts in the field of occupational provision schemes.

Our flexible outsourcing solutions adapt to your needs and are offered to you as part of a partnership based on transparency.

The support of the approved expert complements the services provided, whether to the institutions managed by our department or to the external funds. In this area, independence and proximity allow us to answer all your requests in the shortest possible time.

Our range of services, within the partnership we develop with you, facilitates the delegation of day-to-day management tasks. You can therefore totally focus on your strategic activities.

With our extensive professional experience, our experts are able to advise and manage the collective or common pension funds, whether autonomous or semi-autonomous, under public or private law. In complete independence and transparency, they make the link between the various bodies that revolve around the pension fund.

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Our services and our commitment:

Technical and administrative management

  • Treatment of the day-to-day management of the workforce.
  • Management and administration of the accounts of insured persons and pension recipients.
  • Communication of benefits to the insured persons (pension certificate).
  • Advice and simulation for insured persons.
  • Preparation and provision of the necessary documents to the competent bodies.
  • Keeping LPP audit accounts.
We offer complete technical and administrative support to better meet your needs in the daily management of your activities. Our proposal includes not only the day-to-day management of the workforce but also the administration of the accounts and benefits of the insured persons.

Accounting and financial statements

  • Billing, receipt of contributions, payment of benefits.
  • Complete accounting management.
  • Accounting processing of the operations relating to the provident fund.
  • Accounting processing of the operations relating to investment.
  • Establishment of the financial year closing of accounts.
  • Financial statement prepared in accordance with SWISS GAAP FER 26.
  • Organisation and planning of the revision.
  • Presentation of the annual financial statements to the Foundation Council.
Argos Pension offers its clients complete accounting and financial management whether for your provision scheme or investment benefits. From simple customary transactions to setting up accounts and financial statements, we are here to assist and advise you.

Management activities

  • Coordination with the different external bodies.
  • Keeping the agenda, organising meetings and drafting the minutes.
  • Collaboration in the drafting and adaptation of the regulations.
  • Investment management and supervision.
  • Dialogue and decision-making support.

Provident counselling activities

  • Consulting and project management related to occupational benefits and social benefits in general.
  • Legal advice in the development and evaluation of regulations.
  • Personalised training on topics related to occupational benefits for Foundation Councils, insured persons, employers and associations interested in the 2nd pillar.

Expert mandate in occupational benefits

  • Realisation of technical expertise.
  • Analysis and projection of the evolution of risks and commitments.
  • Management and advice in case of creation, merger and partial or total liquidation of pension funds.
  • Study and implementation of remediation measures.
  • Study and verification of refinancing plans of public-sector pension funds partially funded.

Area of intervention

  • Collective or common foundation, autonomous or semi-autonomous.
  • Public or private law.
  • French-speaking Switzerland.
  • Charitable fund.
  • Foundation Council.
  • Insured persons and beneficiaries.
  • Employers.


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