Argos Group is a service and brokerage company active in the areas of management and advisory services in the field of occupational provision schemes and personal insurance for companies and individuals. Thanks to our solid experience, our role is to analyse and coordinate all the social benefits of your company. We also support the staff and their managers in the choice of their individual provision scheme.

The risks to which you are exposed are audited by our advisers; on this basis, a global advice is proposed to you, coordinating social insurance, personal insurance and private insurance. Priorities are then set according to your ability to take risks. Our goal is to be your “Insurance department” by defending your interests, by controlling your costs as carefully as possible and by harmonising your benefits.

In this way, you can use your resources to realise the essential goals of your organisation, by delegating your insurance concerns. The synergy with Argos Prévoyance helps to ensure a comprehensive approach to risk management.

Argos Patrimoine intervenes on the basis of management mandates, studies or specific executions. These mandates authorise us to receive any information allowing us to administer the insurance portfolio of our clients.

Argos Patrimoine meets the legal standards deriving from the Insurance Supervision Act.

Advice and direction
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Our services and our commitment

Advice, assistance and information

  • Analysis of risks and insurance portfolios.
  • Establishment of the risk and insurance policy and improvements.
  • Harmonisation of coverages with employment contracts, collective agreements and different branches.
  • Drafting of tenders including public procurement procedures.
  • Negotiation with insurance companies/partners.
  • Investment advice in terms of insurance available on the market.
  • Creation of innovative and tailor-made coverages.
  • Organisation of annual visits and working sessions.
  • Periodic summary of cover.
  • Presentation of new products on the market.
We offer you a complete service to meet your needs while keeping up with the market: therefore, our approach includes the study of your portfolio, the optimisation of your services, the management of the relationship with insurance companies, a competitive intelligence and the management of your different coverages.

Administration and claims

  • Constant and proactive management, correspondence processing.
  • Setting up and adapting policies.
  • Control of policies and premium statements.
  • Management of annual declarations.
  • Monitoring of the contract deadlines.
  • Assistance in case of claim and monitoring of compensation.
To help you focus your efforts and attention on the main goals of your organisation, our teams are there every day to relieve you of the administrative management related to your insurance benefits. From the call for tender to the annual declaration, our employees manage your file, especially in case of a claim.

Areas of intervention

  • Accident insurance (LAAO - LAAC), loss of earnings in the event of illness.
  • Civil liability, legal protection.
  • D&O, fraud, credit, Kidnap and Ransom.
  • Goods, businesses, buildings and operating losses.
  • Computer science, machinery, assembly, construction work.
  • Transport, stock, transit.
  • Fleet vehicles, mobility, travel.
With a team of real specialists, we are able to advise you and provide you with our insurance support for all your assets.


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