Argos Group is a service and brokerage company active in the areas of management and advisory services in the field of occupational provision schemes and personal insurance for companies and independents. With the benefit of over 15 years’ experience, our role is to analyse and coordinate all the social benefits of your company.

We also support the staff and their managers in the choice of their individual provision scheme. The risks to which you are exposed are audited by our advisers; on this basis, a global advice is proposed to you, coordinating social insurance, personal insurance and private insurance. Priorities are then set according to your ability to take risks.

Our added value lies in the advice and support provided to the personnel department and the financial division of our clients: Argos Prévoyance is your “Insurance” department whose tasks are to defend your interests, control costs and harmonise your benefits. In this way, you can use your resources to realise the essential goals of your organisation, by delegating your insurance concerns.

The synergy with the company Argos Patrimoine helps to ensure a comprehensive approach to risk management. Argos Prévoyance intervenes on the basis of management mandates, studies or specific executions. These mandates authorise us to receive any information allowing us to administer the insurance portfolio of our clients. Argos Prévoyance was created in 2003 and meets the legal standards deriving from the Insurance Supervision Act. The company is registered with FINMA under No. 10,988.

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We provide you with personalised advice and assistance in all circumstances

  • Analysis of insurance portfolios.
  • Cost and benefit analysis.
  • Highlighting improvements and potential savings.
  • Drafting of tenders.
  • Negotiation with insurance companies/partners.
  • Presentation of new products on the market.
  • Legal and administrative watch.
  • Coordination between different coverages.
  • Harmonisation of coverages with employment contracts, collective agreements and different branches.
  • Creation of innovative and tailor-made coverages.
We offer you a complete service to meet your needs while keeping up with the market: therefore, our approach includes the study of your portfolio, the optimisation of your services, the management of the relationship with insurance companies, a competitive intelligence and the management of your different coverages.

We inform you of actions taken and opportunities according to your interests

  • Periodic summary of cover.
  • Regular monitoring of claims history.
  • Training of members of LPP management committees.
  • Organisation of on-site information sessions for employees.
  • Creation of information leaflets and support cards with the company logo.
  • Advice to employees for personal and group provision schemes (use of assets, tax deductions, etc.).
Effective information management requires regular and facilitated communication. In this context, our teams are available at any time to answer your questions and those of your employees. They provide you with advice and support on the evolution of your benefits through work sessions, training or individual appointments.

We relieve you from the administrative tasks to focus on the essentials

  • Setting up/adapting policies.
  • Control of policies and premium reports.
  • Management of annual declarations.
  • Management of inputs/outputs/transfers.
  • Correspondence processing.
  • Deadline tracking.
To help you focus your efforts and attention on the main goals of your organisation, our teams are there every day to relieve you of the administrative management related to your insurance benefits. From the call for tender to the annual declaration, our employees manage your file.

We assist you with claims until they are resolved

  • Declarations, control and transfer of supporting documents.
  • Follow-up of files/reminders.
  • Monitoring of compensation.
  • Establishment of the “case management”.
  • Advice on “care management”.
  • Support and accompaniment for complex claims.
Claim management is a heavy administrative burden for human resources and can have a significant impact on the costs of absences. That's why we assist you in the event of claims and make every effort to defend the interests/rights of our clients.

You benefit from our experience and therefore save time

  • Accident insurance (LAAO - LAAC).
  • Loss of earnings in the event of illness.
  • Occupational pension provision (LPP).
  • Framework plans.
  • Reinsurance of risks (congruent, stop loss, etc.).
  • Pension fund management.
  • Provision of expertise in the field of provision schemes.
  • Collective contracts for health expenses.
  • Cover for expatriates (care, risks and retirement).
  • Implementation and coordination of international programmes.
  • Implementation of pooling.
With over 15 years of experience, we are able to advise you and provide you with support for all your insurance and pension benefits in Switzerland and abroad. Our field of action is complete, ranging from the insurance management of your employees to the piloting of pooling.


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